Bloomer, WI Hunting Dog Training Programs

We use the dog's natural behavior as a pack animal through out all our training. This more effectively builds trust and the relationship between dog and handler, creating a true partnership with your hunting companion. We offer gun dog training from puppy development through finished dog.

Hunting Dog Training Services

Development: Dogs will be trained toward the objective of being mentally and physical still so they can receive instruction. Basic obedience of coming to you, and going with you will be overlaid with introductions to birds, the gun and the field.
This creates the foundation for all future training.
This is a three week program and the cost is $250/week.

Intermediate: After completion of the development program, the dog will be ready for more advanced training. This phase will promote prey drive and the correct handling of birds. The dog will also be collar conditioned to handle in the field.
This is a 6 to 8 week program and the cost is $250/week.

Finished Dog: After completion of the development and intermediate programs and after your dog's first hunting season they should be ready to finish. This step will create a hunting partnership with the owner and a dog that efficiently seeks game and is steady to wing and shot.
This is a 6 to 8 week program and the cost is $250/week.

Additional Services

Trained Retrieve: Call for cost.

One on One: At the kennel or in the field or woods. Call for cost.

Guided Hunts: Call for cost and availability.